An introduction to the art of
Harris Varsakis

Skiathos Greece

Harris Varsakis was a Greek artist who depicted the Greek mythology in his very own surrealistic style.
The most specific characteristics are the materials he used, the 3D effect he has accomplished by layering and the rich colours he applied.

This website is a catalogue of all his work, with the stories he depicted, and the stories of him during the time he painted these masterpieces.

We hope you enjoy viewing and reading it all.

Gallery Varsakis

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The artwork

The themes, the colours and the details he has added make his artwork totally unique. Through the years he evolved and his style became more refined and more characteristic.

Galerie Varsakis
Phoenix; 70 x 90 cm.


Harris Varsakis was born in Athens, Greece in 1947. He was the youngest of 3 brothers and the quietest one. From a very young age he started drawing and painting. In his teenage years he started... read more  

Harris Varsakis


Harris en Marijke Varsakis


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