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god of the winds

painted in 1995, 60 cm x 80 cm

Aeolus lived on the floating island of Aeolia, where he was visited by Odysseus and his crew on their way back from Troje to Ithaca. He gave them hospitality for a month and provided for a west wind to bring them home fast and safely.

He also offered them a bag containing all winds but the west. Unfortunately, just before they reached Ithaca, Odysseus’ crew foolishly opened this bag and the winds blew them back to Aeolia.

Aeolus refused them further help because he believed that their short and unsuccessful voyage meant that the Gods did not favor them.

Reproductions of this painting are available in sizes:

18 cm x 24 cm plain          25€

18 cm x 24 cm framed       35€

32 cm x 42,5 cm plain       60€

32 cm x 42,5 cm framed    80€

In this painting Aeolus bares a remarkable resemblance with the artist himself, Haris Varsakis.