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painted in 1998, 80X100 CM

Asclepius was the God of medicine and healing in ancient Greek religion. He used the healing ability of his holy snakes, which became his symbol.

He was the son of Apollo and Coronia (a Thessalian princess). His mother died in labor, but his father rescued the child by cutting him from her womb. This explains the name Asclepius, ‘to cut open’. Apollo carried the baby to the centaur Chiron, who raised and instructed him in the art of medicine.

Hades (God of the underworld) feared that Asclepius’ healing powers would cause lesser spirits of the dead to come to his kingdom and made his brother Zeus kill him with his thunderbolt. To prevent further feuds with his angered son Apollo, Zeus later resurrected Asclepius as a God.

Reproductions of this painting are available in sizes:

19 cm x 23,6 cm plain              25€

19 cm x 23,6 cm framed          35€

32 cm x 40,5 cm plain               60€

32 cm x 40,5 cm framed           80€

The original Hippocratic oath began with: ‘I swear by Apollo the physician and by Asclepius and by Hygieia and Panacea (his two healing daughters) and by all the Gods…..