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Astarte originated from Phoenicia and was a symbol of fertility, sexuality and war. Her attributes were the lion, the horse, the sphinx, the dove and a star within a circle, indicating the planet Venus (Greek: Aphrodite).

Astarte was accepted by the Greeks under the name of Aphrodite. The island of Cyprus is one of Astarte’s greatest faith centers.

She appears as a daughter of Epigeius (Greek: Ouranos = sky)) and Ge (Greek Gaia = earth) and sister of the God Elus (Greek Cronus). After Epigeius is overthrown and banished by his son Elus, he sends Elus his virgin daughter Astarte. Astarte bears Elus children who appear under Greek names.

Astarte wears the head of a bull on her own head to symbolize her sovereignty.

Painted in 2000, 30X40 CM

Reproductions of this painting are available in sizes:

18,3 cm x 23 cm plain              25€

18,3 cm x 23 cm framed           35€

30 cm x 40,5 cm plain               60€

30 cm x 40,5 cm framed            80€