Hermes is an Olympian God, the great messenger of the Gods in Greek mythology.

He is also the patron of the cunning of thieves, of commerce in general, of boundaries and the travelers who cross them. He has been described as the one of many shifts, blandly cunning, a robber and a thief at the gates. Due to his constant mobility, he was considered the God of commerce and social intercourse, the wealth brought in business, especially sudden or unexpected enrichment. He protects and takes care of all travelers, miscreants, harlots, old crones and thieves that pray to him or cross his path.

In this painting Hermes’ own cunning is surpassed and he is being destroyed by bigger, better, more cunning thieves than even the God himself.

PAINTED IN 2010, 80X80 CM

Reproductions of this painting are available in sizes:

17 cm x 17 cm plain                   25€

17 cm x 17 cm framed               30€

40 cm x 40 cm plain                   60€

40 cm x 40 cm framed               80€

80 cm x 80 cm plain                   190€

15 cm x 15 cm plexi-glass        125€