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Leda and the swan

Leda and the Swan is a story from the Greek mythology in which Zeus, the King of Gods, seduced Leda in the shape of a Swan on the same night she slept with her husband Tyndareus, King of Sparta.

Leda bore Helen and Polydeuces, children of Zeus, whle at the same time bearing Castor and Clytemnestra, children of her husband Tyndareus.

In some versions she laid two eggs, from which the children hatched.

painted in 1992 80X100 CM

Reproductions of this painting are available in sizes:

22,5 cm x 27 cm framed          30€

43 cm x 53 cm plain                  60€

43 cm x 53 cm framed              80€

5 cm x 5 cm                                 35€