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Prometheus is a Titan, the son of Lapetus and Clymene and brother to Atlas.

According to Greek mythology, he created mankind from earth and his life-giving tears.

In addition he gave humans fire, which he stole from the Gods after Zeus withheld it from them. Prometheus claims furthermore to have taught them the art of civilization, such as writing, mathematics, agriculture, medicine and science. The Titan’s greatest benefaction for mankind seems to have saved them from complete destruction.

This painting represents Prometheus with all good people rising up to Ω(Omega = perfection) and the bad ones stay in darkness in the underworld. Here represented by the bombardment of Gaza. After all his benefaction to the human race, Prometheus is totally

Painted in 2009 80X80 CM

Reproductions of this painting are available in sizes:

17 cm x 17 cm plain              20€

17 cm x 17 cm framed         28€

40 cm x 40 cm plain             60€

40 cm x 40 cm framed         80€

67,5 cm x 69 cm plain           175€